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lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Graceful Degradation - Christopher Wilke

Graceful Degradation
Christopher Wilke

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783):Sonata in E-Flat: 
I. Allegro
II. Moderato
III. Presto
Paulo Carlo Durant (active c.1745-1769):Sonata in a Minor: 

I. Fantasie
II. Fuga
attr. Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809): Divertimento in G: 

I. Andantino 
II. Allegro
III. Minuet 1 & 2
IV. Amorevole
V. Finale, Allegro Assai
Anonymous ("Rosani" Lutebook): Sonata in D Minor: 

I. Fantasie
II. Allegro
III. Affetuoso
IV. Scherzando
V. Minuet Con Variazione
VI. Polaca
Jakob Friedrich Kleinknecht (1722-1794): Sonata in B-Flat: 

I. Allegro Moderato E Grazioso
II. Andante Ma Graziosamente
III. Tempo Giusto

Intérprete: Christopher Wilke (laúd)

Duración:  1:01:47

Lugar y fecha de grabación:  mayo 2013

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mastranto dijo...

Gracias a deodac

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Anónimo dijo...

Forgive me if I am being dense but I did not see the download link....pleas assist and thank you for this intriguing music.

Anónimo dijo...

Mastranto, you do not say what you want the email for, just to leave it or write. I am confused.

Homoki Zsolt dijo...

Very good blog.Thanks
Where is the link to this post?

Anónimo dijo...

Very good blog.Thanks.
Where is the link to this post?

UlisseproPatria dijo...

NO link here. You must send your e-mail to Mastranto and, then, he might give you the holy link. Greetings

mastranto dijo...

@UlisseproPatria: Gracias por el capote ;-)

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks so much for featuring this CD. After listening a bit, I looked up the performer, Christopher Wilke, and saw that an airline had destroyed his instrument and was refusing payment. I wound up purchasing the download from CD Baby; but without your work, I would never have heard of it. Thanks again.

upkerry14 dijo...

I understand our frustration. It is demoralizing when people just hit and run and don't leave a thank you. No community, just gimme gimme gimme......

Anónimo dijo...

CD interesante aun que no es mi periodo favorito (de echo prefiro Weiss por ex) sin embargo importante para conocer el crepusculo de este instrumento increible que es el laud franco- alleman (de 11 a 13 pares de cuerdas). Me encanto la sonata anonima que se parece un poco mas con Weiss.

classic dijo...

Quite different from what I knew as lute music! It is very close to quitar music, in my ears!